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Frequently Asked Questions for SMBFC.Net

I imagine there may be a few questions about the site or some of the folk who run it, and this is an effort to help people ease into our little community. So without further ado, on with the questions!

  1. What the hell does SMBFC stand for?
  2. Why is SMBFC.Net the "Jersiest Place to Be?" WTF?
  3. What do you guys do?
  4. If you're so "Jersey," what's up with the other states that you "represent" on your site?

What the hell does SMBFC stand for?

Well I guess that depends on where you're asking that question. There's the public name and the private name. Like a secret club, only without any members or free food or prestige. Anyway, when we were youngsters in high school, we were shown a little movie called Clerks. It changed many of our lives forever, but most notably we noticed a little outburst from one of the extras during the gum/smoking scene. If you listen closely, you'll notice the crowd die down and then one ambitious rabble rouser exclaims "Smoke my big fat cock!" It was one of the funniest observations we'd ever encountered, and proceeded to use it as an insult within our tightly knit clique, but abbreviated it to SMBFC so we could casually trade it in the hallways at school. Thus, SMBFC was born.


When we put it in our yearbooks senior year, the editor refused to put it in unless we explained what it stood for. Thinking quickly, and about Jason's extremely fat cat Piper, we went with Super Mega Big Fat Cat. So it goes either way you prefer.



Why is SMBFC.Net "The Jersiest Place to Be?" WTF?

First of all, good use of letters. Second of all, we're the Jersiest place to be because nearly all our entire staff and friends hail from the Garden State, and our unique observations about the world around us either reflect the good ol' state or are influenced by our experiences here. Some of us still live here, which solidifies our ability to "represent," as it were.


We also make an effort to shape or reflect Jersey culture, and represent a side of Jersey that's not usually explored. Sure, there's the Shore, and there's the Soprano's Jersey. But there's this big chunk of state in between, where there's woods and mountains and parks and zoos and all manner of life non-concrete or boardwalk related. Although we always go down the shore over the summer, and we usually fly Newark International when we leave, so those references don't exist in our minds purely from celluloid and television.



Do you know Kevin Smith [or any other Jersey celebs]?

Nope. But he does a lot of college appearances and signings, so you can probably get your picture taken with him. That's a neg for other celebrities, too.



What do you guys do?

We work and play Settlers. We all have some kind of job, and everyone pretty much works every day. Some of us also go to school.



If you're so "Jersey," what's up with the other states that are "represented" on your site?

We do have friends outside the state, dude. We also understand a lot of our nearest and dearest have found themselves and their lives in other places besides NJ. We also have some good friends down in Virginia who have only gone to NJ because of us. In all actuality, they're in no way, shape or form "Jersey." But they rock hardcore, they've eaten in diners, they've flown Newark, they've hit the Boardwalk, and they've spent the night here. They've driven the Parkway and the Turnpike, they've been flipped off by people they've never met, and they've eaten Taylor Ham, egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. I'd say they've earned the right to be called "Honorary Jersians."



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