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Creative Geniuses

Meet the people who have brought Horsemen to you, the fan and/or casual viewer. Along the way, we've managed to find some truly outstanding individuals who all have found something to love about these characters and this universe they live in.


Sam Chafin is the co-creator and co-developer of the Horsemen concept. He wrote a few episodes of the now-defunct cartoon series, which is what Horsemen was originally intended to be, and he helped develop and write the pilot episode. He now works for Virginia Commonwealth University and remains in close contact with Sal.


Bruce Tinnin is a pioneer in animation, working to develop movies and television series throughout the 30+ years of his career. When he was contacted and contracted for the job of helping to design the Four, he literally leapt at the chance, and said they were some of the most interesting designs he has ever worked on. He currently works for Powerhouse Animation Studios in Texas.


Maki Naro came in to help design the additional assortment of characters that make up the Horsemen 'verse, and is directly responsible for the re-design of Beelzebub and Kyle. He then took the series to new heights when he drew the web comic and its beginning 10+ installments, all of which he did for free. He is currently working full-time.


Jason Clements is a brilliant designer and a master of puns. His interest in Horsemen has spawned from the very beginning, when Sam and Sal first discussed the concept. Jason was the first to sketch preliminary designs of the four, and it was his sketches which led Bruce Tinnin to design the final product you see now. He then carried the comic the rest of the way until its final panel in 2005. He and Sal are in talks to produce a spin-off comic, probably to be found in's galleries, or at


Jose Fernandez worked on several short Flash animated movie parodies for RiderToons. He was commissioned by Sal to do a 10 minute Flash animated piece of the origin of Horsemen for TV studios. Unfortunately, without proper sound the short has still to see the light of day. There was a falling out over creative issues, and Jose continues to work for RiderToons.


Sheana Molloy, author and artist for Team D.U.D.E. and Nerds of Prey, was a fan of Horsemen when she first entered our lives. Later, Sal commissioned her services for a comic book proposal. The comic book altered the origin slightly, but kept the integrity of the story and characters alive. She is in talks to produce a new comic book proposal, this one a 32 page commitment.


Keenan Whitmore is one of the basis for the character of Keenan,  and he is one of the original founders of the characters from Horsemen. Sal and he discussed the concept of themselves with their two friends Ben and Sal going to Hell for their apathy and returning to Earth with powers. It was tabled and then revisited years later in college, with Sal and Sam and Jason's intervention. Keenan continues to be an invaluable source of material for the character and Sal's daily life.


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