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 Jersey Trail
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Jersey Trail

Article By: Jason

Well, as you all may have guessed I'm home, and have been since Saturday....and so i have two or three days of our trip to recount for you all.

So on Thursday morning we left Indianlola, Iowa after eating breakfast with Grandma Lila and Uncle Mike. We headed out towards east on I-80, towards Chicago, where due to construction we sat for two hours and listed to truckers telling jokes over the CB.

As told by a chick trucker:

So there are these two dumb blonds working on a house for Habitat for Humanity. The one girl hammer in a nail, throws the next one away, hammers another one, throws two away. The second girl asks, "Why are you throwing away every other nail?" "Because the heads are on the wrong end of the nail, duh!" "No no!, the first girl responds, save those and use them on the other side of the house!"

After a while we got through the traffic and got all the across Indiana and into Ohio. We then found a motel room in a small out of the way town off of I-80 halfway between the Border and Toledo. It was the last room in town, complete with brown shag carpeting and red velor furniture
( it was pretty bounch). But it was cheap and clean, so whatever (we definitely got pictures of this one).

The next morning (Friday morning) we headed out east again on I-80, for the final leg of our journey into Jersey. As we approached the Ohio/PA border, the land turned from the flat farmland we had been seeing since South Dakota, and began to get hilly again. The trip through PA was miserable as it was rainy and foggy the whole way. We got into Boonton around 9:00 pm.

A long, but overall a fun trip, definitely something we want to do again when we have time to stop along the way and see cool stuff, like the Bad Lands in South Dakota and Little Big Horn (Custer's Last Stand) and things like that.

Saturday morning we began moving Lisa into her apartment -- in the pouring rain (Thanks to Sal, Chris and Erin for all their help)...the moving thing is still happening.

And so, comes the end of the Cross Country Trip, from Mukilteo, Washington to Boonton, NJ.

Total Distance: 3111miles
Total Fuel Burned: 254 gallons
Gas Mileage: 12.2 mpg
Total Drive Time: 52 hours.

Hey All,
The latest update comes from Indianola Iowa, from Grandma Lila's house. We're about 15 minutes south of Des Moines. Yesterday we left Oacoma South Dakota about 8:45 and arrived in Indianola about 4:30 or so. We parked the truck and dismounted the Mazda from the trailer and spend from about 5 to 11 pm visiting Lisa's relatives in the area, we stayed at Grandma's house last night. So we're about to get some breakfast with Grandma Lila and Uncle Mike and then we'll head out for the day. Plans to visit more family in Chicago fell thought so we're just going to push as far into Illinois as possible. Maybe try and hit the Ohio Border before we stop tonight. Either way, we'll be hitting Jersey Friday night, unless we find someplace like Cleveland so compelling that we simply my stay -- I don't see this happening.

See you all soon!

P.S. Did you know that Iowa sets up wireless internet access points at it's highway rest stops, I don't mean service areas, just like the pull-off areas with a vending machine and a bathroom. Wow!
Jason, June 22, 2006 7:23 a.m.
Hello All,
Last night we stopped for a room in the small town of Oacoma, South Dakota - population 390.
We will cross the Missouri River as soon as we pull out of the hotel and go down the road a mile.

Yesterday we left Bozeman and the morning was beautiful, with the fields in the foreground, and misty mountains as the back drop. We traversed the rest of Montana until I-90 turned south and went into Wyoming. Wyoming is definitely "the West" with a lot of sparse desert like areas -- don't worry pictures were taken. We then passed into South
Dakota, which is definitely the Mid-West -- flat, and boring --

Look for more updates!

Jason, June 21, 2006 6:41 a.m.
Greeting from the home office in Bozeman, Montana!

Just thought I'd update you on our progress as we make our way across the country.

Yesterday (at 6:00 am) we left Mukilteo, Washington (about 20 minutes north of Seattle, and began our trip westward. After battling some rush-hour traffic, which was fun with the trailer, let me tell you, the road opened up and aside from the occasional mountain (and I do mean
mountains) it was a smooth ride. A few of the mountain passes have given the truck a little bit of problem, but not too much, just a slow 50 mph going up. So we traversed across all of Washington State yesterday, the narrow tip of Idaho, and got three hundred miles into Montana by 10 pm. That is about 850 miles (and 50 gallons of fuel!). We saw a lot of beautiful mountains, valleys plains, you name it, and
we're shooting some pictures along with way, which we'll have to show you guys when we get back.

About to hit the road again.

Jason, June 20, 2006 7:28 a.m.


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