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Ben vs The Superman Shirt

Article By: Ben - 3/25/04

So I go out to this bar in Boonton called Johnny's, maybe you know it, it's on Boonton Ave next to the Fire House. I go there to play some pool, and I'm doing pretty well against these good players, managing to win two games. I'm finished with the third game (I lost) and I'm sitting down and this girl in a sweater comes up to me. She says that she and her friends were admiring my T-shirt (the royal blue Superman T-shirt) and that she wants to trade my T-shirt for her sweater. Meanwhile her sweater is stripes of orange and green and brown, and in my opinion it's pretty ugly. So I say no thanks, but she tries to persuade me by offering $20 and the sweater for my T-shirt. The T-shirt only cost me about 15 or 20 bucks, but I still say no thanks. However, I know she really wants the T-shirt, so I tell her I'll let her wear it around for five minutes or so, but when I leave I want it back.

She agrees to this and proceeds to switch shirts with me. Now, I didn't put on her sweater because I'd look fucking gay, so I put on my sweatshirt instead. A minute later she comes over to me and offers me $50 for the T-shirt. Now this is tempting because:

1) I am broke.

2) The T-shirt only cost me $20 at the most.

3) Instead of a Superman T-shirt, what I really want is a Green Lantern T-shirt like Sal's.

4) I'm still really broke.

5) I have no gas in my car, and I'm broke.

6) Did I mention I was broke?


So then I ask her if I still get her sweater in the deal. She says yes, and I accept the deal. A minute later, I look at her sweater, and notice how soft it feels. I look at the fabric tag, and it says 70% Lambs wool, 20% Angora Rabbit Hair, 10% Nylon. I think to myself, "Shit, the sweater alone is worth more than $50. So, I trade a T-shirt (value: $20 and some sentimental value) for $50 and a sweater (total value: more than $100). I had a pretty good time at that bar.


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