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Thursday, December 7th, 2006

If you come to the main page, you'll notice we haven't updated in a little under two months. True, our content isn't always the most up-to-date, but we do have an active forum (VERY active, thanks to the bots posting porn) and a frequently updated Photo Album (the Galleries). We might have something new at some point, but at this point due to a lot of new and exciting things going on, it's keeping our writers and usual content-providers extremely busy.


In additional news, Sal's infamous "bear story" while LARPing with Tim wound up being "Story of the Week" on Mike and Andy Parker's College University podcast. If you have a chance to swing by, click on our link of the week and download Podcast 5.


There's always a ton of pictures in the Gallery, including our extremely successful Thanksgiving celebration, dubbed TGV this year. The final album from the event was put up a few days ago, so if you checked them out and didn't see this one, you now have closure.





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