Students for a Sensible Drug Policy

By: Jenna - 5/19/05

I noticed the stickers about a year ago – you too may have seen them on people’s car bumpers, seemingly crying out to police everywhere “Pull Me Over.”

I think you know exactly what bumper sticker I’m talking about: "Students for a Sensible Drug Policy," or, more popularly to them: "Quit Fucking Over the Youth."

It didn’t really bother me until I really thought about what it meant. For a while I didn’t really care – I knew it was about marijuana legalization, but I never thought it had any deeper message in it.

Of course, as every student does, I procrastinate. While I was doing my homework, I realized the calculator I borrowed had a ‘Quit Fucking Over the Youth’ sticker on it. Quickly I realized that this was a Students for a Sensible Drug Policy propaganda.

You may be one of those people that actually believe that if there were no drug laws in this country, then people wouldn’t do drugs.

If you seriously think that, then you’ve never seen a fat person before… or, of course, you may just be retarded.

Seriously, think about it (by the way, I’m not talking about somebody that has a glandular problem, I mean someone with an ‘it’s my own fault I eat too much’ problem.) People can’t control there Mickey D’s intake, and you expect them to smoke weed ‘maturely’?

You are out of your fucking mind.

In this country, the two leading causes of premature death are smoking and obesity. These are the two leading killers of choice. This beats out heroin, crack, PCP, or any drug out there. I mean, when was the last time you heard a friend of yours say, “Man, I could really go for free-basing right now?” Now think about friends of yours that say that about smoking.

Right now, you’re probably mentioning that marijuana isn’t addicting or as harmful as cigarettes. But, of course, you’re leaving out the most detrimental thing marijuana does to a person:

It makes you stupid.

Now, do you think America, the most glutinous nation in the world, really needs to legalize? Like we really need more obese people with lung cancer, to smoke themselves into oblivion?


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