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Put the Shirt Back On

By: Jenna - 7/12/04

“Hmmm… people not wearing shirts?” you may be wondering. Well, it’s a growing epidemic that’s accelerating at an alarming rate. We blame it partially on the growing rate of obese children in our country. But really, it’s more of a decency issue – not a fat issue.

Now, you may be wondering what spurred this rant. Well, there seems to be a problem – PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND THEY NEED TO WEAR CLOTHING!

…Especially teenage girls with, shall we say, guts.

Perhaps you have not been afflicted first-hand with this … malady. But surely, you have noticed it around you – people in the street, in your classrooms, perhaps even in your own homes or social circles.

Now, we’re not trying to promote the ‘BE SKINNY OR WE’LL ALL HATE YOU!’ outlook, but this must be said to those who are…at a small size.

Sometimes it’s hard to come to terms with your fat-…ness. But denying it won’t help! Parading around in shirts five sizes too small is not the answer!

And no, wearing a shirt that’s so small your boobs pop out doesn’t hide a tummy. In fact, it makes you look worse.

Wearing clothes that are indeed too small for you does not make you look ‘nice’ or ‘stylish’, and far from ‘classy’. If you hadn’t noticed, it makes you look like, to put it delicately, a slut.

…but then, if you’re wearing clothing like that, there may be a good chance that you are in fact a slut…

Perhaps one day this epidemic will end…

Until then, please consider what we have to say, and clothe yourself.


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